Why Arcotech!

With the combination of 3M i.e. Man, Machine & Material, Arcotech is successfully delivering its promises to its stakeholders.

Man – There are Engineers, Metallurgists & Designers who work in unison to provide solutions to the customer queries & inquiries.

Machine – Only integrated facility in India to produce flats, rods, components & packaging material from the world’s best machines and thus providing customers the low-cost and best quality products.

Material – Arcotech has 100% control over the supply chain which enables it to deliver as promised. From raw material procurement to production to logistics, there is complete control and thus complete customer satisfaction.

  1. Variety of products at one place: Arcotech is a place where you will find a variety of products ranging from Strips, Foils, Sheets, Rods, etc. in various non-ferrous alloys to Terminals, Coinage & Key Blanks for further processing to Packaging Material for your end use. This is one of the USPs (Unique Selling Propositions) of Arcotech Ltd.
  2. Only company with four 20-Hi Mills in India: 20-High mills are unique in that they have a small, chock-less work roll and a cluster roll configuration supported by the Backing Assemblies. The cluster configuration transmits the roll separating force from the work rolls to the mill housing. The small size of the work roll permits superior reductions on very hard materials. Arcotech is the only company in India having these mills in 4 numbers with Automatic Gauge Control systems for utmost tolerance & precision finishing in their facility and thus offering the material in finest quality to its customers.
  3. Casting Methods: Arcotech is the only company with DC Casting, Continuous Casting and Uprod Casting in an integrated facility which allows them to produce the widest range of alloys using the optimal cost efficient methods. It has an in-house melting facility wherein any metal scrap generated while production of material is completely recycled making the products cheaper for the final consumers.
  4. Low-cost Products: Arcotech is a company which has economies of scale because of its large production capacity. It has professionals which are trained to make the optimum utilization of resources namely man, machine and material. It also has a recycling policy wherein each and every item in the organization is recycled & reused. Thus it offers low cost products in the best quality.
  5. Desired Quality: Arcotech Limited’s quality is one of most competitive quality in the world. It has a complete integrated manufacturing facility from DC Casting, Continuous Casting & Batch Mould Casting to extrusion/confirming lines. It also has four 20 Hi Rolling Mills with Automatic Gauge Control systems for utmost tolerance & precision finishing. The quality of material is as per the International Standards as well as customer requirements.

Why Non-Ferrous!

Reliable & Long Lasting: Non-ferrous metals are reliable & durable. They are tough and resistant to corrosion and damage. When installed to the exterior, natural oxidation occurs which provides excellent protection and enhances the material’s natural beauty over time. Non-ferrous metals are reliable which requires virtually no maintenance after installation. Choosing non-ferrous metals gives you peace of mind because, like diamonds, they are forever!

Tried & Tested: Non-ferrous metals have been widely and successfully used in construction for decades. When it comes to proven performance, they have no rivals: the components of non-ferrous metals are manufactured under European Standards and scientifically tested, meet full acceptance, give consistent good results, meet international regulations and bear quality certification approval throughout the world.

Versatile: Arcotech products are available in such a wide range of sizes, surfaces, alloys, finishes, temper, and end-use that almost any requirement can be met.

A timeless, high-tech material: Man’s first use of non-ferrous metals dates back about 10,000 years, but it is not old-fashioned. In fact, it is one of the most commonly used materials in high tech applications and it will remain one of the leading materials of the future.

Natural, Recyclable & Sustainable: Copper is a natural material without additives, synthetic dyes, stabilizers or chemical substances. It is 100% recyclable: it can be recycled over and over at the end of the product lifetime, without any loss of properties or performance. When recycled and re-introduced into the production cycle, copper becomes a new resource, offering significant energy savings for the world’s natural eco-system. It is therefore a renewable resource and one of the materials achieving highest overall sustainability. This is why the IBU (Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V.) certified copper as an environmentally safe product.

Energy Efficient: The high electrical conductivity of copper makes copper the most reliable and efficient medium for carrying energy. Its high thermal conductivity makes copper the ideal and most efficient material for all heating solutions. Moreover, copper plays a pivotal role also for all renewable energies and energy saving solutions.

Low Life-Cycle Cost: Copper is one such metal which has a very low life-cycle cost as it is durable, lasts for generations & incur no additional maintenance costs. The total cost of ownership of copper (hereafter called life-cycle cost) not only takes into account the initial purchasing cost, but the costs to operate and maintain it over its lifetime. Therefore, when comparing the cost of alternative materials, it is vital to make a full cost comparison, including reliability & durability, performance in terms of health & safety, and end-of-life residual value of product. Thus, it is total value for money when compared to other metals.