Copper Strips

High quality Copper strips in various dimensions and tempers are available that is produced from Grade I copper cathode. Depending on the suitability for the application they are available in following grades:

  1. Electrolytic tough pitch copper (ETP )
  2. Deoxidized low residual phosphorous copper (DLP )
  3. Deoxidized high residual phosphorous copper (DHP )
  4. Tin bearing copper(TBC)
  5. Oxygen free high conductivity copper(OFHC )

General Properties

  1. Excellent electrical and thermal conductivity
  2. Sustainable material, almost 100% recyclable
  3. Extreme durability
  4. Chemically pure
  5. Good corrosion resistance
  6. Good mechanical and metallurgical properties
  7. Excellent dimensional accuracy
  8. Excellent surface finish and oil free


Our range of dimensions, colors, and finishes combined with our extensive metallurgy background has consistently expanded our range of applications

  1. Electrical components
  2. Electronic connectors
  3. Telecom connectors
  4. Transformer winding
  5. Heat exchanger, boilers, pressure vessels

We offer high quality brass strips in various sizes produced to national and international standards that finds application in various industry. We have capabilities of supplying brass strips of alloy grade 95/5, 90/10, 70/30, 65/35, 63/37 or any other grade.

General properties

  1. Good corrosion resistance
  2. Sustainable material, almost 100% recyclable
  3. Extreme durability
  4. Better chemical composition
  5. Excellent dimensional accuracy
  6. Better mechanical and metallurgical properties
  7. Smooth and bright surface finish,
  8. Free from oil and any defects.


  1. Automobile radiator tanks and header plates
  2. Electrical switches and switch gear
  3. Connector and terminals
  4. In ammunition for Cartridge cases, bullet cap etc.
  5. Lock and keys
  6. Lamp case , battery caps, torch bodies
  7. Zippers, Buttons, watch dials
  8. Bathroom fitting and accessories