Arcotech Ltd is in the business of metals for the past 30 years and has provided world renowned quality products.

As one of the industry leaders in metal stamping manufacturing, we have customers around the world. Our machine shop manufacturers also includes progressive stamping moulds done from the ground up, made from complex, high-tolerance die designs.

We have an excellent team of engineers and analysts who provide you with valuable consulting services, feasibility analyses, ROI analyses and more. We use the very best in design tools, in both 2D as well as 3D design, and also provide auxiliary services such as design assistance, as well as assistance in selecting the right materials and developing a prototype.

Arcotech is a versatile stamping setup capable of wide range of stamped sheet metal components used for many different industries and end segments.

Arcotech manufactures precision components from stamping presses ranging from 20Mt to 160MT.

We process material from thickness of .035mm to 10mm and are proficient in all forms of sheet metal forming manufacturing processes such as blanking, bending, embossing, flanging, coning, and punching in Stage Tool Stamping/ Progressive Stamping/ Transfer Stamping.

Arcotech manufacturers Precise Sheet Metal Stamping for the Following End Uses:

  1. Automotive
    1. Wiring Harness Terminals
    2. Special Automotive Components
    3. Reel to Reel Stamped Metal Components
  2. Medical
    1. Precision Stamped Sheet Metal Components for Medical Devices
  3. Data Centers/Panels
    1. Sleeved Lugs
    2. Brazed Lugs
    3. Tubular Lugs
    4. Bi-Metallic Lugs
    5. Reel to Reel Plated Components
    6. Connectors
    7. Metal Components for Insert Molding
  4. Aerospace
    1. High Precision Components
    2. High Performance Alloy Stamped Components
    3. Gold Plated Components
    4. Silver Plated Components
  5. Defense
    1. Bullet Cups
    2. Bullet Cartridges
    3. Precision Stamped Draw Components
  6. Electrical and Switchgear
    1. Components for LV Switchgear
    2. Components for MV Switchgear
    3. Components for HV Switchgear
    4. Components for Switches
    5. Components for Multiplugs
    6. Components for Fuses
    7. Nickel Plated Components
    8. Silver Plated Components
    9. Large Stamped Sheet Metal Components for Air Circuit Breaker (ACB's)
  7. Electronics
      Stamped Sheet Metal Header Pins
    1. Stamped Sheet Contact Pins
    2. Stamped and drawn shields for industrial and electronics industries
    3. Micro Metal Stamping
  8. Telecommunication
    1. Sheet Contact Pins
    2. Stamped Components for Mobiles
    3. Connector for USB Port
    4. Connector for Micro USB Port
    5. Connector for HDMI Port
  9. Consumer Durables: White Goods/Brown Goods
    1. Terminals and Connectors
    2. Special Components
  10. Textile
    1. Metal Button
    2. Snap Fastaners
    3. Eyelits
    4. Prong Buttons
  11. Packaging
    1. Aluminium Containers